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Juvenile Black Widow Spider pet GW2 HOM rewards

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Hall of Monuments achievements

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Achievements & titles

Up to 550 Achievement Points & unique titles such as God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals (GWAMM)

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Safe & Easy

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Most frequent questions and answers

By playing Guild Wars original game, you get achievements in GW2 (“Hall of Monuments” category) which unlocks Achievement Points, unique titles and exclusive skins.
All rewards are listed in the premade accounts we provide.

GW2 Wiki links:
HOM Achievements

➡️List of HOM rewards

To learn more about how it works, check out the HOM Calculator official website and its FAQ.

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You can easily transfer your current linked account to a different GW2 account.
To do this, just create a new free GW2 account and contact support to transfer the linked GW1 account to this new GW2 account.
➡️ That way your main GW2 is unlinked.

We provide goods and services in both GW1 & GW2 for 10+ years.

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In addition, GW1 and GW2 are separate games/accounts so one does not affect the other. Nothing can possibly happen.

Of course! 😊
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GW1 is very different from GW2 (no jumping! 😛)
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