GW2 Hall of Monuments FAQ - GW2 Rewards
GW2 Hall of Monuments achievements rewards

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By playing “Guild Wars” game, you get achievements in “GW2” (“Hall of Monuments” category) which unlocks Achievement Points, unique titles and exclusive skins.
✅ All rewards are listed in the Premade Accounts we provide. 

Here are some of the prestigious rewards:
God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals & Champions of the Gods unique titles
Black Widow Spider pet
Fiery Dragon Sword skin
And many more!

GW2Wiki links:
🠪 HOM Achievements

🠪 List of HOM rewards

You get Hall of Monuments rewards by earning points in the Hall of Monuments (check the HOM Calculator).

You can earn points by completing various achievements.
For example the ultimate goal in GW1 is getting the God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals title, which requires thousands of hours for most players. 💪

To get the achievements yourself, you can buy Guild Wars 1 and follow a guide such as this one. 👍

Alternatively, we can provide a premade HOM account to unlock rewards without playing.
All you need to do is to link it to your account.
⚡ You will then instantly get the achievements, exclusive skins and unique titles from GW1.

⚠️ Steam accounts cannot be linked with GW1.
So they cannot get the Hall of Monuments achievements. (Source)


Linking the account will replace both GW1 email and password.
Our accounts are created without any personal information (no name, address, phone…). 

🠪 Once linked, you have full ownership. 🔒
You can safely contact support as the original owner.

Any non-Steam account can get rewards from our services.
Unfortunately Steam accounts are unable to link GW1 accounts (or get Hall of Monuments achievements!)

🌍 GW1 accounts are global (not “region-locked”), so it does not matter if you’re from EU, NA or elsewhere.

Here is a detailed guide to link your account to GW1

Buy your premade account, link it and instantly get your rewards! ⚡
Once purchased, you receive a step-by-step guide and your account by email. 

⚠️ Check your spam folder!

📅 We are available everyday but sometimes have to sleep or are busy! Be patient. ❤️

You can easily transfer your currently linked account to a different “GW2” account.

To do this, just create a new account.
Then ask support to transfer the linked GW1 account to this new account.

🠪 That way your main account is unlinked. 👍

The process is completely safe. ✅

In addition, “GW1” and “GW2” are separate games/accounts so one does not affect the other. Nothing can possibly happen.

Note: You become the owner of the GW1 account onced linked.
+ it will replace GW1 email & password automatically to your logins. 

That’s why the process is so safe & easy.

If you already have a GW1 account linked, we can boost it for you!

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Of course! 😊
You get full ownership of your account.

Download GW and use your usual logins and enjoy! ❤️
GW1 is very different game (no jumping! 😛)

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