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GW1 CD keys

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Explore the 4 Guild Wars games (Prophecies/Factions/Nightfall campaigns & Eye of the North expansion).
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Most frequent questions and answers

• Download and launch official client
• Click “Create Account or Add Access Key”
• Enter your access key.
❤️ Enjoy!

Yes, you can also pay in GW1 currencies 👍
Arms, Ectos, Zkeys, GZC are accepted.

DM for current rate.
It’s usually around 0.20€/a.

Delivery is instant. ⚡
Codes are sent automatically to your e-mail.

Yes, completely safe.
Understand why below. ⤵️

All codes come from official sources.
Over the years, we purchased thousands of sealed boxes! (Here is an example)

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Unlike some third-party sellers, we do not get fraudulent keys that might get banned later. It cannot happen with our keys.
That’s why we provide a full refund/replacement guarantee with each of the keys!

Yes! Purchase one of the Collector’s Edition CD keys, and get the box (+ all its goodies) for free. 🎁
You just need to add shipping cost and we will ship it to your place. 📦

Contact us if you’re only interested in getting the box without the key.
We usually sell them around 25€ (EUR).

For each rare keys (such as Collector’s Edition & Pre-Order) we can send you pictures of the game cards.
Feel free to ask about the physical box, it can be shipped to your place!

We are open to negotiation for large orders.

If you just need an account to play, our Complete Collection is the best deal!
It’s a bundle of all 4 games at a discounted price.