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GW2 Hall of Monuments achievements rewards

Premade GW1 HOM account

42 $966 $

Elevate your gaming experience by letting us take care of GW1 while you focus on your favorite game.

Instantly gain Achievement Points (up to 550)
Access 34 armor and weapon skins, adopt pets and miniatures, and earn exclusive titles, including the prestigious “GWAMM” title.

Time Saving
Save hundreds of hours and months of GW1 playtime with our efficient services.

✅ Safe
Fully own your new account with the secured linking process.
We provide comprehensive proof-of-purchase: from email access to the CD keys used to create accounts.

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Let us handle the intricacies of GW1 HOM while you indulge in your favorite game.

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Additional info:

Learn more about the HOM rewards: GW2Wiki for a detailed list of all HOM achievements & all HOM rewards.

Once purchased, you will receive: 
→ Your GW1 account logins
→  CD keys used to create the account
→  Our help and answers to your questions if you need.
A guide to link your account (also found on this blog post)  

Enjoy! ❤️
Feel free to play on your new GW1 account!

gw2 Hall of Monuments Achievements

Gw2 God walking amongst mere mortals