How to buy cheap GW1 CD keys? (2024 Guide)

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You heard about the charm of “Guild Wars” and want to try the original game? What you need are access keys to create an account and play GW1.

Understanding the world of online gaming is sometimes challenging. And finding affordable game keys can be tricky.

To solve your queries, here in this article, we give you the facts on how you get the best deal for official and authentic GW1 CD keys with instant delivery.

So, without further delay, clarify what a CD key is.


What is a CD key?

The game can be downloaded on the GW1 official website for free. To play the game, you need to create an account with a CD key. 

GW1 CD keys are the digital codes that are used to create an account.
You can also add your game key to your existing account to access additional content.


Why should you buy “Guild Wars” keys?

Guild Wars” is a video game masterpiece. ❤️
It has been widely acclaimed for its immersive gameplay, beautiful graphics, and engaging storyline. 

The skill system is what makes it so unique. You pick two classes, and then 8 skills out of thousands available, leading to basically infinite options.

Many players have found it to be well worth the money, especially given its low cost compared to other popular MMORPGs. Read more about “Is Guild Wars 1 still worth playing in 2023?” below.

If you decide to try “Guild Wars”, it would be best to have “Guild Wars CD keys” because the relevant game is registered and activated using the purchased CD key.


Is “Guild Wars 1” still active in 2024?

Yes, “Guild Wars” is still active and has a dedicated player base. Although the game was released in 2005, it has received periodic updates and expansions over the years. 
While the player base has certainly decreased since the game’s heyday, there is still a strong community which continues to enjoy this game. Its unique gameplay is much appreciated by the community. Additionally, with the low cost of the game and its various expansions, it’s an accessible option for gamers who are new to the series or looking for a fun MMORPG to play. 👍

Let’s now overview some statistics about the game according to MMO POPULATION


Out of 138 verified MMOs, “Guild Wars” is ranked #37 in terms of the overall site and player population.

Total Players:

There are 1,846,196 total players or subscriptions in “Guild Wars”, according to estimates.

Daily Players:

“Guild Wars” is expected to have 17,539 daily players every month, for a total player base of 1,846,196.

GW Population

Is “Guild Wars 1” still worth playing in 2024?

As said earlier “Guild Wars 1” is still active. And “Guild Wars” is worth playing in 2023.
What’s fantastic about “Guild Wars” is that you can easily play alone.
Heroes and henchmen (AI) can be used to complete the game and all achievements in the game.

Though it is much more fun to play with others. You can join an active guild or alliance such as the LGiT Alliance which is the largest in the game and beginner friendly.
The GW1 Central Hub Discord is also a great way to find the active guilds and communities of the game.


Returning Player of GW1

If you are a returning player of “Guild Wars” you should have noticed the following recent updates in the game, such as Graphics and gameplay improvements (inventory management, chat, PVP, heroes upgrade and much more).

🠪 You can find a recap on this Reddit guide for returning players.


New GW1 Player

As a new player, we highly recommend joining an active guild. The official GW1 Wiki will also be your best friend while you play the game.

This Reddit New Player guide is also a great resource to get all kinds of useful information about the game.

You can also take a look at the active GWLegacy Forums, the GW1 Reddit or the most active Discord servers from the GW1 Central Hub Discord.

Ultimately, whether or not “Guild Wars” is worth the money is a decision that will depend on your personal preferences and gaming habits. But with its low price point and highly regarded gameplay, it’s definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a new game to play.



What is the difference between “Guild Wars” free and paid versions?

“Guild Wars” is in the paid version. You have to purchase the key to enjoy the game’s amazing features. While, you can play  for free and there are paid versions of “Guild Wars 2” too for purchase.

But we give GW1 keys a giveaway monthly; doesn’t it sound perfect? You can get more details later in this article.


“Guild Wars” Paid Version

You must buy at least one campaign game to access the GW’s paid version. There are three campaigns of GW1 namely: Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall. Also, you have the option of getting all three in one package: Trilogy.

hall of monuments 1
Hall of Monuments unlocks rewards in GW2

You can also access additional content from the Eye of the North expansion, unlocking significant amounts of content, such as a new storyline, maps, dungeons,

More importantly, it provides access to the Hall of Monuments.
The Hall of Monuments (HOM) allows players to earn rewards and bonuses in “GW2” for completing various in-game achievements.

The GW2Rewards team is specialized in providing premade HOM accounts to unlock instantly the rewards in “GW2” ✅

You can find more details on our home page.

“Guild Wars” Free version

If you want to play GW1 for free, it is only possible with free trial keys. Though they are difficult to find nowadays as they can only be found with Collector’s Edition and pre-order editions boxes, which are very hard to get in new and sealed state.
But guess what? We have collected some from our many sealed boxes purchased over the years. And we have some for you that you can win in a giveaway.

As for “Guild Wars 2“, the whole base game is available in the free version. Visit the Official Website and download the game to get started.

But the following features are unavailable if you use the free version.

    • Limited Trading Post goods with Daily Bonuses
    • Buying Gems with Gold
    • Mailing items, chatting
    • Gliders, mount Skins, etc.
    • Utilizing the LFG in Raids (Looking for Group)

Level limits are also present for some sections in the free edition.

🎉 Win GW1 free trial keys

GW1 free trial keys are very rare but luckily we are sometimes giving away some. 
We do it on our Twitter at least once a month so you can get your hands on them. 

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Where can you buy GW1 CD keys?

Official Game Store

You can buy the GW1 CD keys at the official GW1 store.
The games are never on sale and they are very expensive compared to GW2Rewards.
Also the payment methods options are very limited.


You can also buy the keys on Steam which will have to be played through Steam.
Prices are similar to the official GW1 store and there are fewer options.
For example, there is no Complete Edition bundle with all 4 games.

New Physical Boxes

You can buy GW1 CD keys at local video game stores or online marketplaces but the game is now quite old so they are rare to find in a new and sealed state.
It can also be risky as the key inside could be already used.

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How can you buy GW1 CD keys?

Buying GW1 CD keys is a simple process. It includes the following steps:

Selecting the desired product

Select keys you desire from our shop.
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Choose your payment method and currency

Select your preferred payment method (pay by card, with PayPal, Klarna or many other!).
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The currency is automatically detected but you can select a different one at checkout.

Get delivered by email

You can get your game directly by email. Check your email immediately because it is an automated process that takes place within seconds.

If you don’t receive it, try to refresh your email and check the spam box otherwise.

Installing the game

Download the game if you don’t have it installed yet.
You can use your key directly in the game by clicking “Create account or add access key”.

Best Package for GW1 CD Key

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If you just want to try the game, we recommend getting the Trilogy key.
Then start with Factions or Nightfall, which are more beginner friendly than the original Prophecies campaign.

To sum up with

“Guild wars” is an amazing game that has attracted players around the globe. It has been fascinating for more than a decade. If you are starting out for some action, get a CD key on It’s a great way to start.

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