How to easily link your "GW1" account to "GW2"? ✅

Here is a guide to easily link your accounts.
The process is simple and improves security of your accounts.

The GW1 account’s info will be replaced by yours (email, password, etc.).
That is what makes it so safe to purchase one of our premade HOM accounts✅


  Benefits of linking your accounts

      • One account; all of your games! Everything you purchase or unlock will be saved to your “ArenaNet account”: from the games and expansions you own to the items and progress you make as you play.

      • One Login: Once linked, you only need to remember your usual “GW2” credentials to access all of your games; no need to remember a different login email and password for every game you own!

      • Improved Security: “ArenaNet accounts” offer an extra layer of security known as authentication, which lets you monitor and protect your account from unauthorized logins, including for GW1.

      • Exclusive Unlocks: Best of all, you are able to unlock exclusive rewards in “Guild Wars 2″ through the Hall of Monuments. Your in-game accomplishments are chronicled in the Hall, and allow you to unlock exclusive titles, items, mini-pets, and animal companions when you link your accounts.

    accounts linked




    Linking Your “Guild Wars” and “ArenaNet” Accounts

         Before You Begin

        • IMPORTANT: Once you link an account, they cannot be un-linked.
          Though you can ask support to transfer it (making your account un-linked again)

        • You may only link a single account. Make sure you sign into the correct account before linking them.

        • Steam accounts cannot be linked. If your account was created via Steam, you will not have the option to link a GW1 account within the Account Management Page of your account.


          Follow these steps to link your accounts:
          1. Sign into the account management page using your ArenaNet account.
          2. Navigate to the Game Content tab.
          3. Click the “Link A Guild Wars Account” button at the bottom of the page.


      link a guild wars account


      4. Enter your account name and password exactly as you would if you were logging in to the game client.

      guild wars account credentials


      Click the “LINK ACCOUNT” button.

      You’re done. Enjoy ❤️

      Note: Since 2022 an error “already linked” shows when you click link account.
      Do not worry if it happens, it is just a buggy error they never fixed. If you see it, it means it worked (so logic, right?)
      Just relog and you should see your account linked.
      Login “GW2” and go check your new rewards. 🙂

      Hall of Monuments Portal Stone

      To access the Hall of Monuments, you can use the Hall of Monuments Portal Stone.
      The Portal Stone will be sent in your mail when you create a character.
      Purchased it for free from Sarettokk within Hooligan’s Route in Lion’s Arch.

      Alternatively, you can also interact with the Scrying Pool in Eye of the North. 

      Once you are in the Hall of Monuments, you can talk to Kimmes the Historian in order to unlock your skins.

      Unlock achievements with our Services

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